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Anyone interested in a romantic comedy drama web-series? (feedback & collaboration)

I’ve finished development of a romantic comedy drama web-series PLANET SEX.
Season 1 includes 5 x 5-min self contained episodes about dating.

Here is the pitch document:

I would be interested in your feedback. Also, if you feel like you'd like to be a part of the project, feel free to message me directly.

This show targets female and LGBTQ+ audience so preferably (but not necessarily), the show will be created by diverse female and LGBTQ+ cast and crew.

This will be a very humble production, but hopefully I will succeed to bring together great and talented people.

Seeking: Production Manager, DoP, Sound recordist, Art director

1 episode = 1 day of shooting
Production dates: TBC
Budget: up to £100 / episode (basically for catering and some pity cash)
Crew: PM, DoP, Sound recordist, Art Director, 2 Actors

I’m a writer/director graduated from the German Film and TV Academy. My work can be seen here

5 months ago