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Hi Guys,

Just wondering if anyone is looking for a shooting schedule for short films or feature films they currently have in development.

I’m an experienced development producer who has spent several years working as a 1st Assistant Director. I have currently been providing this service on a freelance basis and have scheduled many indie feature films currently in pre-production.

I use Movie Magic scheduling and can provide: day out of days’, scene reports and the all-important shooting schedule. I have a pretty fast turnaround time of around a week and provide all documents in both MM format as well as PDF format if you don’t have the software.

Why do you need a shooting schedule?

Well…Shooting schedules are essential to getting a project into the next stage of development as they can show you just how long it will take to make your film. This is what producers and financiers will want to see during pitch meetings and could provide you with the key to getting the Greenlight on your project. It’s also very important for budgeting as it can help show you where the money will be spent and when it needs to be finalised by.

I have very reasonable prices to suit all level of production and even offer other services in development including script reports and treatment reports,

Please email me direct for more details:

1 year ago