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Sound Recording Showreel

Hello Everyone,

I would like your advice on my showreel for sound recording, if you could spare some time to ha a look at it and tell me your thoughts that would be much appreciated! Thank you

Here is some background -

I am a freelance sound recordist/ sound designer. I am part of 'Audiopia' ( ) which is a group of sound recordists and sound designers who work together and help each other on projects. This group was created because all of us understand the importance of collaboration and teamwork. It is extremely valuable to us to have each-other there at any time to give feedback and criticism where appropriate, that's how we grow.

We have started about a year ago sound recording on various productions from short film, documentary and even experimental films, we slowly practised sound design for those projects to a point we are very comfortable sound designing your project to the high standard.

You can see our showreel here -

We have out own equipment for field/set recording and for sound design we have studio available to us for anything post such as ADR, fouley, mixing etc.

We are trying to expand our portfolio, meet new people and be part of the community at SP! Please do get in touch if you need someone in your sound department we would love to hear from you!

Thank you

I hope to speak to you soon!

2 years ago