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How does Patrice Chéreau do this?

Cinematography / directing question.

I've been studying some of Patrice Chéreau's filmed theatrical (i.e. live theatre) work, which I think is really great.

Here are two examples (with some amazingly intense acting!)

But I can't figure out how he films this. It surely must be done in a single take because there's a live audience there. That implies it's a multi-camera setup, at least 3 cameras. But I can't see the other cameras in each shot on the reverse, and trying to figure out their locations, surely they should be visible - it's not exactly an elaborate set, and the cameras are obviously(?) not fixed and remote-controlled, and anyway, there's no place to hide them. And yet, I cannot see them. What am I missing? (it's the same with other plays he's filmed that can be found on YouTube - an apparently multi-camera setup but not visible on the reverse angles)

Grateful for any advice - I'm looking to accomplish something similar!


1 year ago