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I've written a series that would work well as an animation but I'm not an animator myself (and can't draw) any suggestions?

I think my television comedy fantasy series "Clarence, the 5th" could work really well as animation but I'm not an animator or artist and it seems most animation studios/productions companies don't produce other people's work (unless you pay them) as they all tend to do it "in house".

The series is about Clarence the lesser known fifth horseman of the apocalypse who is supposed to purify the land and "tidy away the world" after the apocalypse but due to a "slight clerical error" it was accidentally started several thousand years too early and unfortunately for Clarence, he’s been lumbered with clean-up duty.

Does anyone have any suggestions about how I could go about getting it made as an animation or ways to pitch it to animators?

Thanks in advance for any help anyone can give.

All the best

2 years ago