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Entry level DSLR/Mirrorless camera for video

Looking for some Camera Advice

I'm looking to get an entry level camera to use to shoot auditions -- thinking along the lines of a Canon 5D -- but wondered if anyone had any recommendations for something a little more compact (maybe mirrorless). Would be using with a tripod in good light, shooting mid-shot/close up takes.

Aware I could use my phone -- what I currently use -- but I'd rather have a dedicated camera, and recent results on a borrowed 5d looked much better

Resolution not too important (will probably downscale tapes to 720p) but it must have an external mic input (3.5mm ideally!)

If anyone based in London has one they're looking to sell I'd be interested in hearing from you -- or just getting some advice on what to look for on eBay...!

Thank you!

2 years ago