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Calling for a producer as well as a creative team for a serious project. real good potential, no Jokes.

So I am here on SP.

Italian writer and director looking for a potential producer and opportunity to get involved in interesting project almost for free thanks to a EU bursary that allows relocation and cooperation beetween new professionals and most experienced ones(at least 3 years owner of a producing company/also one man band company).

"SHOES"(working title)
When a little girl wakes up in the middle of the night hungry and cold she must find the strenght to get up and go to the kitchen, what she is going to discover about her mum and who is going to help her? answers are not standard ones...what will happen then in this cold winter night? A girl tries to face a difficult home reality with a poetical onirical(fellinian?) touch, all in one night from bed to Ade/Heaven(?)

An in development script based on a short story by me(published and available upon request) free work for your projects as partial payment and a serious private and crowfunding scheme to develop in order to try to avoid free work for everyone.(deal to be negotiated in advance)

If interested in the "inner core" of the story(just the inner core, a lot of revisions planned about second part and possible new third part) feel free to ask me for a public free link to anthology"Whomantology"as well a private Vimeo link to my first short "Flamingos" now in the festival circuit.

DOPs with a reel with own equipment or not, english mothertongue writers, actors/actresses, sound men, gaffers , editors, VFX and producing interested roles are also more than welcome to contact me :) . Let's do something great!...step by step( a feature bold script is also on its 2nd draft!)

PS not limited to London, all really interested producers and others based in different cities(Uk and Ireland and above) are ok!

1 year ago