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Is it worth remaking a short if you didn't get it right the first time?

This should be a question I should be able to answer myself, in that, am I that enamoured with her project that I want to go through it all again? But there is other reasons. Allow me to elaborate.

My background is writing, acting and directing, with no formal trying, just passion, dedication and a good understanding of the end goal and what it means to get a vision on the screen/page/stage.

I originally wanted to make a short just to see if I could. I also wanted to make it as good as I could and put over £1000 into (which I understand is not much but it's what I had). I picked a script that was easy to film, yet visually imaginative with a quirky story to it. I would say it was as easy to make as any film is going to be (I filmed it at home).

The one thing (I felt) I had little control over was the look of the film. I fully admit to not being knowledgable enough on the technical side of lighting and camerawork, so I trusted in the crew. I'm not apportioning blame to anyone and it could well be my direction was not clear, but I was also led to believe a lot could be done in post. Long story shot - The film was too dark.

I remember feeling at the time that we should have been using some filter light in there or a blue wash or something but I trusted in the expertise of others. Maybe that the old adage about getting it in the camera is easier than trying to fix it later was no longer relevant?

Anyway, I ended up with a fairly decent film. Maybe not precisely what I wanted visually, but no bad for a first attempt. And I figured I'm always going to be a little disappointed with the end result not living up to in my head, right? Good enough for a festival I figured.

So I submit to several film festivals. First to come back I get in. Great! I wait for the rest to accept but then I get a rejection. And another. And another. In fact about 9 festivals rejected it. It's clearly not meeting the standard that is being set today, yet I know this has a strong story. It has a beginning, middle and end, which a lot of shorts don't seem to have. This has got to be a big plus right, something to get over the low production quality?

I get feedback from one of the festivals basically saying great script but too dark. I basically feel that I've wasted a great opportunity to showcase my writing. Yes, I have other projects but the simplicity of this one so appealing, It can be shot in a house, in a day, with two actors, yet it could have such a strong impact if done right.

So there it is. Sorry for the overlong explanation but I felt this needed context.


1 year ago