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Low/No budget horror feature film


This is my first time posting here and I'm not sure how it works.

I've written a script for a Low/No budget horror feature film (Slasher film e.g. Scream and Halloween), it's my first attempt to write a horror film script as well. I'm an actor and a writer and I have no idea how to even start producing a movie. I have no idea how to organise a cast and crew, how to get funding, or how to find or get a location. (The location in my script is a big or fairly big house and the entire story takes place on the inside and outside of the house, apart from a small scene in a separate house at the beginning. I hope that makes sense?)

It's a Low/No Budget film so unfortunately it's unpaid.

I'm based in London.

Would anybody be interested in helping me make a Low/No budget horror feature film?

Thank you


A bunch of friends who work in a cinema can't make it home for Christmas because they live too far away (Outside the UK) and it is too expensive to travel so far for such a short period of time. So, before the Christmas period begins at the cinema they decide to get together at a house just outside the city for a Christmas style weekend. Throughout the night somebody wearing a Wolf Mask starts taking them out, one by one, and they have to figure out who is taking them out and why while trying to stay alive.

Script is available on request.

2 months ago