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Advice on what is needed in terms of crew to shoot a low budget short film (15mins in length)

Hey everyone,

It would be really great to get advice from experienced professionals on what is vital when it becomes to shooting and finalising a low budget short film.

So the first question is on the crew in terms of the core team needed to get this short made. From my understanding as I'm not experienced with the camera yet, I'd need a DOP/camera operator, sound, lighting for filming.

Then for post production, a film, and sound editor? I note that its common to have a hybrid role, or people having more than one skill.

Basically, I'm an actor that also writes and have feature length scripts but to get the ball rolling, I thought it would be best to start with shorts, and submit to festivals next year.

Love to hear every ones thoughts and any tips :)

I'm aiming to get a crew together within 2 weeks, and get this show on the road.

Many thanks,


11 months ago