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Are you a company or a self employed individual since at least 3 years?Hire a director for free thanks to the EYE scheme

Dear All,

While I am exploring the way to estabilish a company and building a team for different projects with a focus on short films with a budget(not amateurish) I'd be more than happy to evaluate the chance to collaborate on other people projects for 50% of time(especially but not limited to short films with a great story) essentially for free or a very reduced payment thanks to a exchange scheme I am enrolled in , the EYE EU scheme that could help me financially. And in the second 50% of time happy to develop a project in a co-operative way, terms to be discussed and flexibles and with a potential of financial covering secured before filming.

If you are interested in collaborate with a creative(mainly director but also writer and production designer and if needed AD) drop me a line, I will be in London around 3-12 July for some meetings and I will be happy to have a cup of coffee with you.

If interested in this spec. proposal feel free to just have a look, this my simple, almost zero budget awarderd and very well reviewed (NFTS head and Sundance winners) short that is not online yet but I am OK to put here with a password for a couple of weeks:

Temporary password: FLAMINGOSFINALOK

PS Please Do not feel disappointed about the fact I haven't a website's under construction ;)

Some info on FB:

2 years ago