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Does anyone have any templates for paid cast & crew contracts?

I'm currently producing a short film and it's the first time I've ever had the budget to pay people - yay! So now I want to ensure there's a proper contractual agreement for cast & crew in place rather than just a release form.

Need it to ideally state the agreed fee, the working days/hours, an overtime agreement (I don't have enough budget to accidentally go over, mind..), a release, and also any other agreements: for example, our production designer will be given all the costs up front to buy the set materials and props etc. but we can't risk her running off with the money so need to cover our backs somehow (not that she would, but just to be safe!).. and we need to work in how much prep time is paid too.. and deadlines for post-production etc.

If anyone has any contract templates or old contracts for specific roles where you can rub out or delete people's names and personal details, it'd be hugely appreciated even if it's just a starting point for us because at the moment I don't even have that!

Thanks so much in advance,


1 year ago