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Lighting Needed for 4 night shoot August, London.

I’m looking for lighting for a short film night shoot on the 15th-20th August - I haven’t got the exact list of what’s needed yet, but I’m trying to be prepared.
There’s no budget as such, but needs must and so I’ll try and raise what is needed. I’m happy for you to read the screenplay if you like. As a screenplay it’s already a semifinalist in MANHATTAN Short film Festival. I’m happy to show you the screenplay and storyboard if that helps you decide if you want to get involved.
We're shooting 2 nights in an artist studio in Forest Hill, and 2 nights in an apartment in Canada Water.
I wrote and directed a short film last year & it’s currently doing well on the festival circuit, and would be happy to send you a Vimeo link to this if you want to see the quality etc. I’m working with the exact same team on this film, and I intend to keep the same team when I do my next project which will be a feature.
Please get in contact if you can help.

5 months ago