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Do you need help with Script development and treatments?

Hi Guys

Just wondering if anyone is interested in a treatment, script and scheduling advice service? I've been offering these services for a few months now on Shooting People and I have had great feedback from a lot of screenwriters looking to take their projects to the next stage of development.

I have over 4 years of experience working in development for factual content and am just looking to see if I can use my skills and experience to help the filmmaking community to develop their projects further.

Some of my experience includes working at The National Geographic Channel, Nutopia and No Magnolia Productions.

Would this be of interest to anyone? I’m happy to do this for a very low fee (Just £10 per treatment - slightly more for scripts) and would offer advice, feedback and suggestions on who to target.

I mainly work with factual projects but also work with narrative scripted ideas, is this something anyone would be interested in finding out more about? The aim being I help you get the treatment seen and received better by commissioning editors.

Also if anyone is looking for a production schedule for a fully finished script I am also a fully experienced 1st AD who works on MM Scheduling. I can create a full production schedule which can be crucial to help sell your finished project.

Let me know if this is something you would be interested in!

Kind regards,


1 year ago