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Why does nobody want to pay a screenwriter?


I don't want to gripe too much here but I'm going to gripe just a little. I've been a member of this site for some time now and I make an effort to check the job board on a weekly/daily basis. Most of the time when I search for screenwriting gigs, only a small handful come up, if any at all. Yet the ones I do read, which is almost all of them, the pay is expenses only.

This may be the case for the other job positions being advertised but I find that doubtful. If you are looking for a screenwriter to write your short and you're unwilling to chip in a few pennies, can I suggest... don't!

Write your short script, then ask a screenwriter to help you develop. If they're interested in taking on the project because they see potential in it, I almost guarantee they'll do it for free or very little money. I know I would. Don't ask them to write it from scratch and then offer them profits from the film (which we all know that short films don't make any money so that's always a redundant thing to say).

Sorry if this is coming off a bit naggy but I would like to just take a stand for the screenwriters out there as I see this happening too often on sites such as this one.

That being said, I wish everybody a pleasant year with their filmmaking endeavours.


8 months ago