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Experienced composer with 25 years experience seeking films of all budgets

I'm an experienced composer with over 25 years professional experience, many credits, many genres from full orchestral scoring (live orchestra and high quality sample-based) to minimal / ambient / electronic, live acoustic instrumentation is also an area of speciality. I really love using 'found' instruments and unusual sound sources in combination with more traditional instruments to add unique and quirky qualities too.
I've composed for feature films, tv shows, indie films, trailers, adverts etc.
I've reached a point where I'm very keen to work on projects that inspire me. To this end I would love to hear from film-makers of all levels and budgets who are looking for a unique, classy score or original music of any genre (as a record producer and recording artist, I have access to a huge library of original material in many genres).
If your film needs music, whatever your budget, I am very interested in working on projects with great ideas and production values which inspire and challenge me. I love the challenge of creating something unique and characterful, finding your film's sonic signature.
I can provide more information about my background and credits if needed, and can send examples of my work.
Thanks for your time and consideration.

7 months ago