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Producer for Film London - London Calling - shorts

Hi! I am a writer looking for a Producer and Director or just a Producer to apply to Film London - London Calling short film programming.

I have two short scripts for you.


THREADBARE (short thriller): a woman faces her past and the barrel of a gun in this high octane existential thriller.

THE DEVIL YOU KNEW (short black comedy): a group of Satanists have an existential crisis during a ceremony involving a human sacrifice, with tragic-comic consequences.

I am a writer, a director and editor. I have spent the last few years working on TV Programs as a video editor. I believe that video editing is crucial to become and accomplished writer and or writer/director. This profession taught me (amongst the many things you normally learn) structure, rhythm, thinking visually, the importance of deadlines and the art of never giving up until the draft is finished.

Why am I looking for a potential director? Because I see myself as a writer first and if a more talented director is out there I don't want to lose any chances. For me the films take priority.

Please send me a message on with some examples of your previous work and/or CV. Also check out some of my work and credits:

Youtube: (especially the short RESPECT 101, HAPPY BIRTHDAY MY DEAR and 8 SHIPS ON YOUR SHELTER)


Massimiliano (Max) Sappa

3 years ago