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SUSSEX BASED THEATRE GROUP WANTED by Plume Films to collaborate on a surreal comedy web series.

Synopsis: A chaotic bunch of eccentrics living in a doll’s house called ‘The House of Godd’ are unknowingly taught how to be the neighbours from hell.

The films are live action/animation hybrid shot on green screen. The style is surreal and humorous; like David Lynch directing a nightmare theatrical production of ‘Neighbours’ performed by The Mighty Boosh.

We are looking for 5 actors to play a mix of male/female roles age range 20-65. More characters will be required for future iterations. Each actor will be paid £800 for 4 days rehearsal/shoot (subject to funding).

We are currently applying for Arts Council Funding to produce ‘taster’ scenes to test the techniques/style and enable us to grow the project into something bigger.

Please contact for more information.

2 weeks ago