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Complete Glidecam V-25 system for sale for steadicam operators

My filmmaking friend has given me his Glidecam system to sell (arm, sled, breakaway vest, Pelican cases + accessories).

It has also had some ⭐upgrades, but here is the breakdown:

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This Glidecam V-25 system has been used and properly maintained for professional steadicam work.

It can support up to 25 lb or 11.3 kg according to product description, but some have used it up to 13 kg.

Everything is in top working order.

Original investment was conservatively 10K + about 5K in upgrades.

It is ideal for beginner and intermediate steadicam operators.

Here is what is included:

✅Glidecam V-25 arm

✅Glidecam V-25 breakaway vest (for quick release in dangerous situations) with an ⭐upgraded titanium mount block

✅Glidecam V-25 sled: the gimbal has an ⭐ mk-v gimbal upgrade for smoother control; additional ⭐Marell Programable Digital Level

✅Custom ⭐ mk-v monitor clamp

✅Pelican Case 1650 (82 x 50 x 28 cm) with divider set for the vest and accessories (32 kg when fully packed)

✅Peli Case 1630 (82 x 65 x 43 cm) foam casing for the arm and sled, lid organizer, divider set for accessories (35 kg when fully packed)

✅Anton Bauer InterActive 2000 Quad 2702 Power Charger REV 4.2

✅Anton Bauer Single Charger

✅2 Anton Bauer HyTRON 140 Akkus (still hold a good charge)

✅4 Anton Bauer Hytron 50 Gold Mount Battery (still hold good charge)

✅Low mode cage

✅Xenarc 7" monitor

✅4 rectangular head-weight plates

✅2 star head-weight plates

✅2 Anton Bauer battery mounts

✅1 blue rectangular mount

✅Allen wrenches and screwdrivers

✅All of the useful adapters and cables you need to connect everything.
-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= -

Forgive me if I didn't use the right terminology. I am not a steadycam operator.

My asking price is 4K.

I live in Germany, so shipping is not included in the price.

1 year ago