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Contributors of short documentary stolen by major broadcasting house

Hey everyone,

I have been working on a short documentary (a family portrait) since last year and had a crowdfunding page up that introduced my contributors, the idea and storyline to potential backers. Everything has gone through, we have shot the film in the beginning of the year and finished it in may. A couple of days ago, I have found out from my contributors that a major broadcasting house (don't want to mention their name, but you would know them) has come across my campaign and basically stolen not only the idea, but also used the same family to make their own version of it. Our film is not out there yet, as we are still submitting it to festivals, but they want to release their film online in September.
It seems like this happens all the time, but it's very frustrating and I am not sure what my rights are in this case?
Hope anyone here has more experience with that, thanks for any help in advance!

Happy thoughts,

1 year ago