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Looking for an industry placement

I am a second student at the University of Huddersfield, studying Music and Sound for Image. I am looking for a placement in the film industry between this July and September 2020.

A placement would form part of my degree program. I would need to work a minimum of about 25 hours per week. Ideally, I would receive a modest wage for any work I do. Some employers equate this to an internship, and it is the same idea: an slightly skilled worker joins the team to learn while making some kind of practical contribution.

My film experience to date is primarily in production sound, but I have also done some sound design and Foley. Through my degree, I have also practised some musical skills, including sequencing, mixing and arranging. I have a strong working knowledge of Logic Pro X, with some ability with Pro Tools and Reaper. I have showreels and examples demonstrating these skills on my website:

The dream is to spend a year working as part of a film crew or post-production audio team. However, I would also be happy to act as a runner on set, in a studio or anywhere else. Really, I want the chance to meet and interact with professionals in a professional setting.

If anyone has such a role available, or knows where I might find one, please let me know.

Thank you!

1 year ago