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Looking for LGBTQ+ stories!

Hello my beautiful LGBTQ+ writers!

I'm a photographer who wants to make films! In the past year I have been finally dedicating myself to move into the filmmaking world and now it's time to start making things concretely.
Being part of the community, I know how important representation and diversity is, that's why I really care putting our stories out there. I'm looking for short film scripts (possibly 2-3 minutes) that tell an original story, that I will then love to direct. I wish I wish I wish I had funds but unfortunately I haven't; it will be made with a no budget style. I see it as a learning experience for every novice like me but that hopefully in the future will turn in something more.

Please message me if you have any scripts that you would love to see made.

Stay safe and all the best,


2 weeks ago