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Seeking cast / crew collaborators for a funded Manchester / Stockport based short (fiction, 20 mins) indie film.

As a writer / producer, I've relocated to Manchester so am team-building for my next project. My last 3 films between them achieved 23 awards, 30 nominations and were official selections at 70 world-wide film festivals. My latest project "Colours" to be filmed late Spring (fish) is set in Manchester's gay village about a drag queen sick of self-sabotage and determined to create a more fulfilling life.

All collaborators MUST be within easy reach of central Manchester and also able to get to Stockport. Payment is restricted to expenses, only. in addition to full film credit, collaborators will get IMDb credit. With respect to crew, preference will be given to those with their own specialist equipment. Actors must have viewable online showreel. Actors required = 3 female (1 x 20's, 2 x 40's) and male = (2 x 20's, 5 x 40's).

10 months ago