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Female Performer from Middle-Eastern background needed for short psychological horror script read through

Hi All.

Following Jim Cummings' example, I'm putting together an audio version, set to storyboard, of a short psychological horror script currently in development ahead of production in the new year. The film explores issues of guilt and social justice and tonally is in the vein of films such as Don't Look Now, Onibaba and Saint Maud.

I'm looking for a young-sounding (playing 21-30) female performer from a Middle Eastern background to read through the short monologue and female dialogue sections. Looking at 45 minutes in total and can be done over Zoom any time in the next month.

Unpaid at present but happy to have performers use for showreels if they like later on down the line. Do get in touch if interested or you know someone who might be.

My documentary 'Haxey Hood' is playing BAFTA-accredited Bolton Film Festival next week to give you an idea of the look and feel of the new project:

Many thanks

2 weeks ago