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Does anyone have experience of putting a short clip onto youtube to promote their project

I've written a TV pilot for a show and I'm thinking of putting together a short promotional clip to go on youtube (three minute max). To keep costs down it would be something simple like the starship captain recording a log following the initial incident. This would perhaps require some post scene editing to incorporate a CGI background to resemble a starship interior with perhaps some static and dimming lights to indicate damage. Youtube seems like a very inexpensive medium for promotional purposes and any advertising revenue generated from sufficient hits could be used to make a follow up and hopefully garner some interest from film companies. Below is a Tagline and logline for the Pilot but I also have a more detailed synopsis and a 50 page TV pilot (Semotus) script ready. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Many Thanks,

A fading galaxy
All alone in the Universe
A journey into chaos and redemption

When a mission goes wrong a star ship crew is stranded in the distant future where artificial intelligence is consuming the galaxy. Lost in this chaotic realm and desperate to get home, the world weary captain and his inexperienced crew must form allegiances and negotiate deals with other species which will at times severely test their ethics and values.

2 years ago