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MUSIC VIDEO PRODUCTION - Advice, contacts or help!

Hey guys!

I work as a freelance videographer, photographer, runner and production assistant looking to gain some more experience or work in the music video industry. Working in this industry is my absolute dream job but getting there is proving difficult! Recently finished my degree in film and photography and have been freelancing since.

I've collaborated with some local bands and artists and produced some promo work, photography or videos for their social media accounts, but i'm ideally looking to get involved with a production company if possible?

My CV has been sent out to (a lot!) of production companies who produce music videos, and have gained some hands on advice. I've offered free photography for local music venues and promoters but it hasn't lead anywhere as of yet.

If anyone has any great advice or possible people worth contacting please don't hesitate to get in touch!

Thank you!

8 months ago