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Anyone with unmade short film scripts? Filmmakers looking for interesting short scripts to make.

Hi All,

Hope 2020 is off to a good start.

We're a Directing Duo and are on the hunt for interesting, cinematic short film scripts you've written and that you'd be happy for us to make.

It'll mainly be for experience and to freshen up our reel, network and use to gain further work off the back of. But if we all feel it turns out well and is good enough then we would hit up the festival scene and apply for relevant ones.

Our latest film made in this way can be viewed here -

We've plenty of talented cast and crew we collaborate with, we just need some scripts! (Not the biggest fans of writing or as talented at it as you I'm sure) Ideally, scripts that can be made with little to no budget (few characters/locations etc)

Do feel free to give us a shout or hit us up to chat further.


Lee & Ryan

07879 424584 // 07709 555740

9 months ago