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Any cast or crew based in or around Budapest, Hungary?


Hope you're all safe and well. The pandemic has, like many filmmakers, made me more driven and determined to really go for it when it's possible to do so once again. One of those 'we'll get to it one-day' projects is a short film in Budapest.

Slowly chipping away at planning and pre-producton to keep busy currently and want to start exploring cast and crew options to shoot in Budapest, as it fits the script quite well and am relatively familiar with the city. If a budget can be acquired, then great, but it's likely to be a self-financed low budget affair. So being able to cast and crew locally within Hungary would certainly help save in that respect.

Wondering if anyone knows anyone or is perhaps in the industry and based in Budapest, or nearby, themselves? I guess anyone who's based anywhere and happy to travel would also be welcome to get in touch but I really don't think we'd have the budget to cover multiple flights and accommodation if we were to bring people on board from outside of Budapest.

Look forward to chatting! //

10 months ago