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Advice from Editors and post production experts: route to festival package and more...

Dear all,

I have a short film I am currently submitting at festivals of various levels both in Italy and EU and also worldwide.

I am not able in post production and the editor is unable to assist me anymore.... so I am trying to fix all this topics and looking for possible solutions:

I don't have Adobe premiere but an exported prproj file and a XML of the project with subtitles already put in the video.


1)Exporting from premiere 2017 Release for DVD video and Blue ray Video, shooting format used 1080 25 p: How correctly do it?

Some festival need also an apple 422 file in .mov....for screening if selected(on Vimeo i Have a .mp4 H264 file, a compressed and a 1,5 Giga less compressed one(for screening purpose)+ a .mov for Vimeo and a .mov for screening purpose of almost 5 Giga.

2) What about the DCP? this is a simple way to do it?How?

3) I need a 30/40 seconds trailer because of some festivals need it and furthermore also especially because it could be useful for reel purpose just for my simple website BUT the .wav audio file of the sound designer is a "close" it already possible to "cut "simple parts of the audio on premiere without changing the editing OR also changing the editing BUT with the same clips WITHOUT Re-doing the sound desing?

4) there a free program for doing DVD-Blue ray index and burning with a decent menu and without a "amateurish" fist page template and program's advertising?

Thanks to everyone!

PS if interested I could happily send by privat emessage the link of the short with the password for a view and an was positively reviewd by a Big name currently teaching at's my very first short film ever and with almost zero-micro much to learn indeed :)

1 year ago