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Seeking writing partner for long-term collaboration

I'm a London-based freelance filmmaker and videographer, mostly making commercials but also short films in my own time.

My long-term career goal is to be a writer/director and have written most of the short films I've directed.
From the research I've done, it seems the best way to get representation as a writer is to have a strong roster of well-developed and rigorously refined scripts that you can show to people.

Working alone, I find that its difficult to get scripts to that absolute first-class standard, and people tend to be too polite to give you real honest feedback.

For that reason, I'm looking to connect with fellow writers to either swap scripts and give proper feedback, or collaborate on short and feature films scripts that we can then pitch to producers and use to get representation from agents

If you're a writer with talent coming out of your ears but no network to collab with or way into the industry, then hit me up and let's struggle together.
As a bit of bonus info, I'm also a fairly seasoned short film producer, so if we create something that's really worth its salt, I might produce or direct it. A script that's been realised on film is far more interesting to agents because they can see how the writing translates into content

Go to to see my showreel and filmography

3 months ago