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Looking for recommendations for specific festivals for a 30 minute personal documentary about being diagnosed with and overcoming cancer.

Hi folks on Shooting People,

I made a film called 'Cancel' (30 minutes) about being diagnosed with Naso Pharangeal Cancer (nose cancer) and my journey through the treatment. It is a blend of personal documentary filmmaking and experimental glitchiness.

A quote from Lucas Roche (Editor of 'Dead Man Shoes' and 'The Virtues'): "...horrific and beautiful. Tragic and joyous..."

I want to reach a wider audience and so I am asking if any Shooters may have some festival recommendations or other avenues that may be interested in this sort of film.

Any help would be gratefully appreciated. I did enter it into the New Shoots scheme over the summer but didn't get shortlisted.


Ray Wong

10 months ago