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VFX for short horror - cheapest way to create a corpse hanging from tree...

Hi Shooters,

I am prepping for a low budget short horror (budget £1,000 - 5,000k) and wanted advice on a effect I would like to pull off as effectively, safely and cheaply as possible.

The effect is a demon-possessed woman hanging from a tree.

In the storyboards, there are three shots of her appearing/moving;

1). An out of focus shot of her hanging in the background with her head rising, then 'floating' towards the victim.
2). A shot of her hanging behind the victim, moving her hands round his throat and pulling him upwards out of shot.
3). The possessed woman dropping into the last shot as a jump scare.

We want to avoid using an actor for safety reason but am open to suggestions involving practical or digital effects - or both.

Thank you so much in advance.

Kind regards,


2 years ago