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Is anyone looking for scripts?

I know this is a long shot! I basically have a whole load of scripts that I won't make myself, and I'm very keen to get more writing credits.

My writers show reel

My Producer/director show reel

I'm based in the East Midlands and currently have 2 short film writer credits which I directed and produced myself. The first one won a "young filmmaker" award and the second is in post production. I only mention the award just to show the writing couldn't have been too bad haha.

Basically these are the best scripts I feel I can offer, all shorts,:

She has Broken - We follow a community officer as she has to evacuate a village as, due to heavy rain, the dam nearby is about to break. This is a short about climate change. The inspiration came from the Whaley bridge incident. WOULD REQUIRE BUDGET, BUT COULD STAND A CHANCE WITH FUNDING. 13 PAGES IN TOTAL

The Demon in the Wardrobe - A boy Charlie is laid in bed, as the demon from his cupboard starts to play. Charlie speaks to his therapist in vioce over. This is a short about learning to face our demons. For a lot of people Mental health trouble starts in childhood, and children need to be taught there's nothing wrong or scary about seeking help. NEEDS VFX, COULD STAND A CHANCE WITH FUNDING. 6 PAGES IN TOTAL

Bite - After a night out, a girl suddenly becomes recluse, much to the heartbreak of her mother. This is a vampire short. Think I just had a mood where I was into vampires lol. It slowly becomes more obvious that this daughter is actually becoming a vampire and is hiding herself away to protect her mother. HAS STUNTS AND HEAVY SFX. 14 PAGES IN TOTAL.

Long Grass - A detective is called to investigate the murder of 2 sisters parents, but the murderer is much closer than they think. Murder mystery. This could be relatively easy to shoot, however it would need some specific locations sourcing which may wrack up budget. HAS STUNTS. 15 PAGES IN TOTAL.

something in the woods - 2 night rangers at a national park have to perform surverys after the recent attacks on farm animals, what they don't know is they themselves are now being hunted. This is a sci fi horror. The intention with this script was to make an atmospheric horror that didn't rely on jump scares or a lot of exposition. NEEDS VFX. 12 PAGES IN TOTAL.


If anyone is interested and wants to read a script please let me know! I do have more scripts but didn't realise til I was typing out that this may be a long post if I state every single one haha. All I want from these is the writing credit, so if you seriously do like one of the stories and can source your own team, that's what I'd be looking for! No charge for these scripts, but I may ask for a contract to be signed, just so I can ensure I'd get a writing credit and baso like a copyright agreement ^.^

8 months ago