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Do directors understand this?

'This is a film based in Aberystwyth. We have about eight titles to choose from (horror, drama and comedy). I can discuss the details in person. Or, if you have a project, let me know.'

This was flagged, and taken off the list for the following reason:
Here, we encourage members to outline the focus of the project they're advertising and it's not clear whether you have a specific project in mind, or whether you have eight. Can you please elaborate a little more so it's clear?

"to choose from." Seriously, if someone doesn't understand that, I wouldn't trust them to direct a film.

"a film." "a" means one. Basic English. A four year old can figure that out.

"Or, if you have a project, let me know." Again, "a." Or, alternatively. That means, we can do your project too.

The title was Aberystwyth film. Not films. Not series.

I'm giving the director a choice of titles, because I think that choosing a script is a part of the director's job. If you disagree, fine. Flag the post for giving the director a choice. But, don't say it's unclear.

It was much clearer than the posts asking for writers, which stay up for weeks.

If there's another problem with the post, let me know. But, it's clear as day that this is a single film.

Singular and plural people. Very basic English. I'm sorry, I don't feel like clarifying any further. If your English is not good enough to tell the difference between Singular and plural, then perhaps you need an interpreter, or a few lessons. You need to understand the language of the film you're making, a director needs to be able to read a script and talk to people. I can tell singular from plural in Italian, and I only took one year of Italian in high school.

All the Polish, Malawian, French, Chinese and other foreign students I've met would have no problem understanding that. And no, they weren't studying literature. The dyslexic people I know, those who left school early, get it. It's not PhD level stuff.

Perhaps there's another thing involved. Perhaps some racist sees my name, and suddenly can't read. "Lookit dat name. He must no be speakin' no Anglish!" Two fingers to any racist who may be flagging my posts. (Two is plural, by the way.)

10 months ago