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Is there an actor 21 interesting in joining our cast of The New Normal?

RebCat Creations Ltd. is a new creative arts company staging original stories and producing customised workshops to address unique circumstances and needs. We use the medium of storytelling for learning, engagement and audience involvement. You can find more information about our company at

We are currently auditioning for an actor to join our cast of our upcoming play “The New Normal" to play the role of Matteo. The New Normal is the sequel to “ The Truth Serum” which we performed in December 2020.

Matteo is a critical role in the play. Matteo is a 21-year-old university leaver. He is bicultural, (English father, Italian mother), and has studied Geography at Bristol University. The pandemic halts his dreams of world exploration. He finds himself living at home with his mother in Milan and is getting used to his parents recent split. He has also lost a friend in tragic circumstances earlier in 2020. He is lost and frustrated yet through the story regains hope and direction.

Matteo needs to represent a generation looking for purpose, meaning and destiny in an uncertain world. We need a strong, sensitive interpretation of his inner conflict, suppressed grief, and eventually, his brave and adventurous choices and maturation into full adulthood.


The New Normal

Performances: 20/21 March 2021 (which are recorded)
Production: Rebcat Creations Creations Ltd
Delivery: Zoom
Position: Non-paid

10 months ago