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Who wants to create a new team?

Hi all! I'm Matteo Valentini, screenwriter with two full-length films in pre-production already.
What I want to propose to you today is to help me to bring a short I have recently completed to life: it is a thriller (about 7 min long) about Steve, a guy stuck in a loop where he wakes up at 4:15 am over and over again, but every time, it always ends in the same way: Jade, an injured girl, strangles him. The loop keeps going until Steve discovers the shocking truth.

What I want to create is a full team happy to help me with this project, and due this a no-budget short, everybody should bring their own kit: so I need a DOP with camera and lights, a Sound recordist with handy recorder and shotgun (I have one already as well), two actors and a director, plus me, the writer, of course.

The short will need two locations: a flat, and a park or a wood. Location: London
Date: October-November

I can't offer any budget, but if we build a team together, we can share in equal parts any earnings this short will make in the future.

Anyone interested just text me on: and I'll get back to you with the script and the approx dates of shooting.


Matteo Valentini

1 year ago