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Short Film Length for festivals. Opinions?

Hi All,

The line I've heard from Sundance is that if a short is ten minutes or less it doubles the chance of being programmed, and that anything over 10 minutes (10 to 15 minutes) the probability starts diminishing in direct proportion as to how extraordinary the work may be. Even more so over 15 minutes.

I'm aware of the submission/selection ratios at major festivals as well.

Can anyone with a good deal of festival experience give a general opinion of this.

My commercial thriller proof is coming in at about 13:30-14:00 minutes in rough assemblage. There is little room to cut.

Has anyone done slightly different length cuts, for different purposes. of a commercial proof of concept short film whose goal is to get the feature funded?

Having this discussion with my team and wanted to get some opinions here.

My gut feeling is to get the cut as dynamic as it can be wherever the running time lands, and that's it....But that's me.

Thanks for input,


9 months ago