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Election day/election count footage from UK local elections 2 May, Euro elections 23 May

We're currently in post on our political horror ELECTION NIGHT (

As part of the main film, we're producing a television programme covering the fictitious election featured. It will be a full-on virtual studio, with presenter and commentators. It will also feature footage from the election counts. We're staging some of these as second unit work but if anyone has local elections near them in the next few weeks and is able to get any footage, we'd be very interested in licensing it. There'd be a credit in the final credts/IMDb too.

Key footage we're looking for:

- election counts themselves, arrival of black ballot boxes
- polling stations: POLLING STATION signs, people with rosettes and clipboards outside (known as "tellers")
- election posters in windows and placards in gardens

Email for more information or to discuss.

1 year ago