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Location in London needed: old corridor and old front door

Hi there!

I am directing a short film in April (more about the film on and I have most of locations secured, however I need also a corridor and a house exterior with front door for a few scenes. The film is in a period/Victorian atmosphere and will be shot in London.

In terms of the look and feel I am searching for something a bit scruffy and old. I imagine the corridor to be quite simple (no decorations needed, as the scene would be a night scene) with old weathered floorboards and a door on the end/on the side.

Shoot days fall between 1st to 15th of April, TBC,. These scenes can be shot in one day. We have a budget to negotiate for location usage.

If you know somewhere like that (or maybe you even live there!) and can help then I'd be very grateful.

Please get in touch here or on

Many thanks!

7 months ago