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Slow-Mo with a basic DSLR

I’m a hobbyist holiday videographer that wants to up production value to include some simple (60 - 120fps looking) slow-motion shots. I’m shooting on an entry level DSLR (Canon D100) which films at 1080/24 or 720/50 and I edit in Davinci Resolve.

I’ve played around with artificially slowing clips down in Davinci but wonder if there are any better tools out there or how much better off I would be upgrading the camera to something that can shoot high frame rates?

If a camera upgrade is a significantly better option, any suggestions on a suitable next upgrade? Ideally, I’d stick with a Canon so I can continue to use my beloved nifty fifty, budget <£500 (maybe <£1000 if it’s going to save me upgrading again in another 3 years)

Many thanks

2 years ago