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Looking for a graphic designer for company logo design and ongoing collaboration

Hello Shooters!

My name's Georgie and I'm the company director of a recently incorporated documentary production company called Little Bear Films.

Which sounds very grand, doesn't it. However, to put a nice grade of reality over the top of this, it isn't at all. I'm a Creative Producer working on sports promos by day, and by night and any other spare minute in between I'm working on the set up of my teeny weeny company that hasn't actually made anything yet. I'm saying this to be honest even though I'd really like to bullpoop massively and sound super impressive.

Anyway, what I'm looking for at the moment is someone I could work with on the design of a company logo for Little Bear that I could use across my website, and social & print media - and that could have the potential for animation/movement for end credits use.

Now here's the rub. I'm posting this here as I don't currently have the funds to use a professional agency or graphic design bid site. Little Bear Films doesn't have an income at the moment and I'm at development stage with my slate so haven't started building my funding.

So what I'm after is someone who I could negotiate an affordable rate with who's looking to expand their portfolio - and who would potentially be interested in being involved going forwards on my projects on a paid basis once I've secured funding. I've worked my fair share of unpaid or poorly paid gigs so I'd never want to take the mick with anybody's time or talent but I guess there would be some trust involved in this to begin with i.e. that I will pay you what I can afford and what we both feel is fair, with the aim to move that up to a genuine going rate on future projects.

I'd be really love to hear from anyone who's interested or anyone who has any recommendations, either on this forum or direct to my email:

Thanks ever so much,

2 years ago