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Looking for a remote house/cabin location in the UK

Hey shooters

I was looking to start my first feature film and I had access to a wonderful location for free in Scotland, It was a large house isolated in the middle of the woods. This location is no longer available as the owners are having work done in the only 3 week slot that was available.

Originally I was crafting a story around this location as it's rare you get something so good for free, but now I don't see the point as the feature was going to be this journey, using the resources avilable and basically going on a journey to create something that would hopefully be good and sellable, so then I could pay the cast and crew. Without the location there doesn't seem much point as I dont have a lot of money and to get somewhere for 3 weeks would cost a lot.

So as my last desperate attempt does anyone know or have access to a house/cottage/lodge that is isolated and has some interesting locations close by like a river/sea or woods? guessing Wales would be the best bet.

Any help would be appreciated.


2 months ago