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I am looking for a short (10-15page) script to Produce


My name is Xander, I am an actor/producer currently seeking a short 10-15 page screenplay which I can produce and act in as the Grad Film for my MA at Raindance in London.

I have a Director, Crew and Equipment in place and am seeking a screenplay with 1-2 (max three) locations with myself in the lead and 1-3 other supporting characters.

Ideally you would also be willing to work on rewrites to get the script to the shooting standard we aim to achieve, and are also willing to give me and my production company the rights to produce the film as we see fit, giving you full writing credit and a share in any potential profits (which I highly doubt there will be any of, as their usually aren’t on short films)

If you have a script you would like to see get made and feel fits the requirements I have, then feel free to shoot me a message. My email address is:

10 months ago