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Looking for Producer for future projects? (with experience on funded shorts)

While I'm writing at the moment, I wanted to look for potential long-term Producing Partner interested in helping with funding applications for short films/ TV/ Features and who is possibly interested in producing projects I make in the future. If you're looking for Writer/Directors and have experience Producing funded shorts, please send me an email (address on my website with your CV and let me know what you're looking for. If there's common ground we could have a zoom coffee and chat.

My Filmmaker bio

Award-winning filmmaker Yvette Farmer directs and often writes short films, theatre and narrative music promos. She has been shadowing TV directors while writing the first two episodes of an original girl gang TV drama. She’s also developing a supernatural-thriller idea into a Feature script. Yvette has producer experience on some of her own projects and also on mixed media, animated + VFX heavy TV commercials. Her background is in contemporary art + 35mm film projection.

Yvette is interested in psychological + thrilling stories for a contemporary audience. She depicts female + social outsider perspectives with cinematic visuals + a light touch, creating poetic realities + moments of extreme empathy.

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2 weeks ago