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Dying to make some short films

Hi People,

My name is Simon, I'm a cinema obsessed screenwriter who is looking to direct a bunch of short films ASAP. I've written about 20 short scripts, 3 pilots and 2 features. One of the pilots is currently in the process of being optioned by a production company. But as the breaking in part is slow, I want to cut to the part where I'm on set directing my words. Unfortunately that means either A. nobody gets paid, B. we wait and wait for funding or C. a producer gets on board and we find funding in segments. I've applied and am waiting for some of the funds, I've got a few producer friends interested but busy this month. But there are some projects that I can just make with a camera and a few actors, and people who are just as keen to make things as I am.

I'll happily slut my scripts around to anyone that wants to try before buying in. The easiest ones are generally comedy, but my passions are in psychological-drama/thrillers/horror, crime-thrillers, fantasy and sci-fi. Stylistically and tonally I'm obsessed with the 70's, the Coens, PTA, Melville and Scorcese. But those projects are a smidge harder to do on a shoestring. Therefore I'm hoping to find collaborators who are either willing to just give it a go, or are up for bringing in their specialist mind to create solutions to my overzealous and overexcited directorial mind.

At this stage, I'd love to meet anyone in any department or discipline. Gimme a message on here or email me @

Thanks a lot

4 months ago