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Shooting a solo project with an iPhone 12 Pro Max, is there a playback Monitor I can attach using a Lightning port?

Hello Shooting People,

You may guess from how I've framed the question that I'm not really sure what it is I'm looking for!

Instead of buying an expensive camera with a viewfinder live screen that can be viewed in situ and in real time. I want to know if there is a similar set-up I could add to my iPhone 12 Pro Max and mount on the cage to create a live feed view?

I am looking to shoot a solo piece to camera project in a limited space. Some of the shoot will be on a tripod and other parts on a handheld tripod. The playback device would also be useful addition to making self-tapes for castings and auditions.

Your expert advice and guidance as to suitable and afforadble playback monitor/screen products and the set-up (cables etc..) would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you in advance.


10 months ago