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Line producer needed to help create budget for upcoming feature film based on Hindu mythology.

I have written a treatment for a feature film based on a very ancient story from Hindu mythology "Ganga Avtaran - The Descent of Heavenly River Ganges to Earth". This is a story that shows importance of the holy river and all the rivers and oceans of our world and how we need to take care of our nature and planet. It is about the cosmic fight between good and evil and how the soul of the river Ganges prevails in her fight for uplifting humanity. I'm an actor, producer and writer and I'm trying to put together a crowd fund for raising funds for my film. I'm also going to do the same project as a musical theatrical show with dancers from different cultural backgrounds. I would really appreciate help in putting together a budget and guidance would be appreciated as I'm a new producer and have worked on 2 short films previously.

1 month ago