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What is the best way to get funding for a shoot around 1.5k?

I've been working on a project now for the past year - Being from a production background I've unfortunately done it a little bit backwards. Most of the leg work is done, locations, cast, crew etc. The only problem Is I naively thought it would be fairly easy to fund the short myself or apply for a grant but the budget has now gone up to around 1.5k and it's not something I can really afford to do out of my own pocket anymore and most short film funds are now closed.

It's also quite a risqué comedy centred around a drug deal so investors may shy away from it if not pitched correctly. I'm kind of now stuck and it's hard to put this on the back burner now everything else is pretty much in place bar the date of the shoot.

Any guidance on this or if anyone knows of any funding avenues/investors it would be greatly appreciated.


8 months ago