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Any experienced producers out there wanting to come on board a short with the aim of submitting to the BFI Network scheme?

Hey all

I'm after a producer with a lot of experience in making short films and features. I have a script that I want to submit to the BFI Network scheme. I have a strong team already but I need a producer who has a vast knowledge of budgets, development and has many contacts who can help the project become a reality.

About Me -
I'm a writer/director who has been making shorts for a while now, mainly with low-no budgets. The aim is jump to the next level and hopefully a film with great talent and have a team who will actually get paid.

I'm happy to share the script with the right candidate and also links to my films. I also have 3 shorts in post at the moment, all at various stages and I'm happy to share them so you get more of an idea of me as a filmmaker.

PLEASE ONLY reply if you have the right level of experience.

Happy to answer any questions,


5 months ago