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Help a shooter with your expertise

Does anyone have a project (scripted or non scripted) that they need editing? I am an experienced editor mentoring a novice editor and need a project!

Hello Shooters,

As an experienced Editor, I'm hoping to mentor a novice Editor in the New Year on Avid software.

I'm hoping to connect with someone who has a project that requires editing.

The mentoring sessions are scheduled from Mid Jan - to the end of Feb at weekends, so I'm looking for a project - either drama or factual, that we can have access to footage within this timeframe.

I will guide the mentee through the initial edits and offer regular feedback. I would aim to have a locked film, cut to a high level of finish by the end of February.

I will be on hand to make any final revisions if needs be.

If you have a project that you would be happy to collaborate on, please contact me on

Many thanks

11 months ago